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November 2009 Mamas

Babies born in November 2009
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A community for Mamas who were due or had babies in November of 2009!!!

This community was created for ladies due in November 2009! October
& December Mamas are also welcome! This is a members
only community in order to respect everyone's privacy. =]

In this community, we have weekly, "events," in order for us all to stay
updated with each others babies. You will find a weekly schedule below.
There will also be icon, banner & siggy offers periodically.

We expect everyone to follow our rules. If you break them, you will be banned from the community. We do not tolerate drama.

The mods for this community are mela_chan and rhi_baby_book. Any questions, comments or concerns can be directed towards them.

1. All posts are friends/members only. It is strongly advised that you
leave them this way.

2. No drama, please. We don't have to agree with each other, but disagreements
can be done respectfully. If it's obvious that you will disagree with someone,
please agree to disagree and leave it at that.

3. Feel free to share details of your baby's life! We're all going through the
same things at roughly the same time.

4. Please be sure to comment on the Sunday Survey post, and to keep your Sunday update as a comment there.
It's simply easier to update together weekly.

Please copy & paste the following introduction as an entry in the community! We'd love
to get to know our newest members!

Your name?:
Your partner's name?:
What is your baby's birth date?:
Is this your first child?:
If not, who are the big brother(s)/sister(s)? How old are they?:
What are you most excited about?:
What are you least excited about?:
Any other information you'd like to share?:

The following is our weekly schedule of events. Please try to abide by these days. If
you have any suggestions for other days, please let me know! I'm open to anything!

Survey Sunday: On Sunday, please post your weekly update as a response to the mod-post for that week. You will find the survey below.

How many weeks old is baby?:
What new developments has baby had this week?:
How are you doing overall?:
What were the highlights of this week?:
Has anything been difficult this week?:
Anything else you'd like to share?:

Foto Friday: I think this is pretty self-explanatory. Post your baby pictures
on Friday so we can compare &, "ooh & ahh," at each other! =]

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